4 Reasons Why Getting Married in Winter is a Smart Idea

New Zealand is so beautiful.

Seriously, she is rugged, raw beauty and we are constantly in awe of her when we discover new destinations and rediscover old memories. We can't get over it!!! That's why New Zealand is such a gorgeous place to get married.

With the kiwi summer being the crowd favourite and our busiest wedding season. Our months from late November to early April are filled with back to back weddings and celebrations. That's why people think they need to start planning their wedding so early... Because the best suppliers get booked quickly in summer. Not because that's what you should do. 

Summer in Aotearoa is so great we get the luxuries of effortless backdrops: water, seas, rivers, beach, bays, mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, lakes, trees, greenery, bush - all the nature! But if you are familiar with Tamaki Makaurau a.k.a Auckland, a.k.a City Of Sails - all the nicknames. Lol... THEN you will already know about our weather! One word: Bi-Polar. There are hundreds of love stories our crazy weather has effected and this is because we are surrounded by oceans. #StayReady

Meaning, you need a Plan B if your dream wedding is to include the outdoors. You can't be cheap and have no Plan B on one of the most important days of your life, don't be silly, it's a must.

Tip #1: Don't risk it; budget for it.

We have created some beautiful summer weddings. They've been amazing, and our clients are always beaming with joy - as bright as the sun. I'm telling ya! We love our job. But getting married in summer isn't the only way. What people tend to forget is, all four seasons have timeless beauty. You just have to do it right.

Here's 4 Reasons Why Getting Married in Winter is a Smart Idea:

1. You won't be sweaty!

Sweat can ruin many things. Ew, lol. Your make up, your hair, sweat patches in the photos, peoples odour. Tip #2: Don't be one of those people who forget to wear deodorant to a summer wedding.  


2. You can incorporate the weather into your plans, instead of dreading it!

Instead of, for example, hiring a marquee to protect you from the rain and wind, you can now factor those elements into your wedding plans to your advantage. You can do things like capture a gorgeous photo with your new husband/wife in the rain under an umbrella at night under the lights... These are moments you'll remember forever.

Use the wind to manuever your wedding dress and veil... You can get some wonderful shots - if you have a great photographer - with the fabric flowing in the wind. It's so grand and shows off your wedding outfit in the most effortless way.

3. You're more likely to get married indoors!

You can experience a romantic atmosphere with a candlelit wedding dinner, a roaring fireplace, faux fur and warm blankets with all your favourite people. Great food, whiskey, a pretty s'mores station and live music, with a patter of rain drops falling on the roof. Romantic. That sounds like a great night to me!

Remember, it's all about the experience.


4. It's cheaper to get married in the off-season!

Who doesn't like a good deal? As you might already know, people start planning their weddings a year or more in advance. A lot of this reason is because the best suppliers get booked quickly, so you got to get in quick and secure them for your wedding day! When the "wedding season is over" wedding suppliers are quite available and sometimes at a better rate than their busy season where they might charge their premium prices. Economics.

Or just live your best life and leave the New Zealand cold and elope to the South Pacific. 
Destination weddings are the best way to have a relaxing holiday, wedding and honeymoon at the same time. Three birds, one stone. Jackpot.  

Creating memories in your own slice of heaven while the normal New Zealander is stuck in the cold. Yes, please! Contrary to popular belief it's not expensive to have a destination wedding, it's quite affordable especially when you have a wedding planner smoothing out the logistics for you and getting you the best value for your dollar. Team work makes the dream work.


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