Bright Lights & Gold Nights

Our clients were married when Nirali contacted us to help style her wedding. They had already eloped but were organising a wedding dinner for their family and friends, primarily to make her parents happy. As you do. Dominic was organising their wedding evening for his family in London, and Nirali was in charge of their wedding dinner in New Zealand. So basically they had three weddings while they were trying not to have even one. Lol.
Their wedding dinner was set at an art gallery in Auckland, in an octagon auditorium. We utilised the unusual shape of the room and incorporated them into their wedding plans. We used coloured up-lights to accentuate feature walls and create a bejewelled atmosphere.

We love Indian style weddings because they have such a vibrant atmosphere, amazing food, and their outfits are always so beautiful.

The design of their wedding dinner was inspired by a picture of the Bride and Groom's turquoise and gold wedding clothing & the way Dominic had proposed to Nirali.

We used vibrant, deep, rich colours that were complimentary to the Bride and Groom with shimmering lights and gold accents. Nirali's only request was we included balloons in the overall design as Dominic had asked her to marry him with a fancy balloon proposal. So of course, we included a fancy foil balloon wall as their photo backdrop complimented with a grey velvet Chesterfield sofa as a prop.

As we returned and were packing down, Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride thanked us for all our work and catering staff insisted we try their authentic Indian cuisine. It was so delicious. We don't even really know what we ate, but it was fricken amazing. Lol. Especially the sweets!!! It was made with carrots and served with a milk custard, can somebody please tell us what it is called?
At this wedding, we revisited the lesson of choose your vendors wisely. We learnt again, that some catering teams can be running behind schedule when creating beautiful food - we have experienced this before at another clients wedding. Although we (people) generally don't enjoy when our food is late, some times we just need to let go of the things we can't control in that moment and just buy some time.
Side note: When items on the wedding run-sheet are behind schedule a good M.C will be aware of this and will buy time. They may fill the time with entertainment, by cuing the Band/DJ to play a couple of songs, telling a joke, talking about something interesting or swapping something in the schedule around. A master of ceremony also known as an M.C is an essential part in the running of a smooth program on the day of your wedding - especially if you do not have a wedding planner onsite.

We really enjoyed the fact that we had a lot of colour to work with and it was our first wedding where we had incorporated balloons.

The only thing missing from the evening was entertainment, I believe. But Nirali wanted it as short and as sweet as possible, and we do as per our clients request. She didn't want it to be too fun, so people would go home on time. Haha. And they did :) This was the Wedding She Wrote.

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