Natasha & Danny

“We honestly couldn’t have done it without the team at Wedding She Wrote. Our wedding was perfect.  It was set in a forest wedding in the Waitakere Ranges, Auckland New Zealand. I always envisioned my wedding to be in the woods because it’s peaceful and private.

They did everything for my husband and I.  Thank you WSW.  When we were in the process of planning our wedding, we got all the fun and easy jobs as a couple.  Meanwhile Wedding She Wrote organized and managed the difficult, annoying and technical ones for us.  It was a great partnership.  I am very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone trying to plan their dream wedding.  They were professional, easy to work with and they most certainly got the job done.

Wedding She Wrote even made all of the dresses.  They are pretty talented.  They made 15 dresses for my wedding, it worked out saving us a lot of money too.  Three of my dream wedding dresses (I only ended up wearing two on the day), seven different sized bridesmaids dresses, four flower girl dresses and one mother of the bride outfit were designed and made by Wedding She Wrote.

They styled and decorated everything from the bridal party, flowers, ceremony, interlude, reception to the photography and how we wanted our pictures to look.  Their team were always paying special attention to detail throughout the whole process and especially on the day of our wedding.  They are perfectionists, and barely slept! They were up at all hours working on our wedding, we knew it was in safe hands.  We were rarely ever stressed, and that’s the truth.  We are so grateful.  No one suffered in the making of this wedding and all because we had a wedding planner.

Thank you once again Wedding She Wrote, especially to their Director and Weddings Logistics Manager Teuila Benioni for taking our story, thoughts and ideas for our dream wedding; and making them a reality.  I mean three dresses?!  Really?  Haha.  It is such a special feeling getting married, it truly is a joyous occasion.  Your team helped us enjoy that experience for so much longer than we anticipated and all because you took the stress part out of planning a wedding.  People should do this more often.  Our guests had said, and I quote it was “the best wedding they had ever been to."  I would recommend Wedding She Wrote to everyone.  God Bless.”

~Mr & Mrs Aualiitia

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