Noma & Matt


"Getting married is one of the most beautiful occasions you can engage in, but getting married and trying to organize a wedding when you’re project managing other major projects in your life can become a nightmare. I was grateful to Wedding She Wrote and their support in assisting with the styling of our recent wedding, because it allowed me to focus on other matters at hand.  If you’re like me and you’re a busy person with lots on the go, never really having time to give to focus on yourself, then engaging someone like Wedding She Wrote to assist you, is not only a huge investment into the success of your big day, but you are guaranteed to look and feel your best with minimal stress!  They did an awesome job!  Glad we got them on board!!  It’s a beautiful thing to have people on board who can help you deliver your dream wedding!"

~Noma Sio-Salapu

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