Nafiah & Liki

Nafiah & Liki


"A huge thank you to Teuila and the team for all their hard work. With only three months to plan our wedding we were really worried about getting the details right - Teuila was so flexible with everything which made the planning process really smooth. Every vendor I came into contact with said I was the most relaxed bride they had met - which is all down to the trust we had in Teuila & the team to deliver on the day. We had the best wedding week and the actual wedding was perfect (if not close to!) - it was by far the best wedding we had ourselves been to, and judging from our guests feedback they felt the same way too. The team on the day were also really helpful and quick with managing things as they came up, which made our day really easy. Thanks so much guys!!!"

Was hiring a Wedding Planner a service you thought needed before working with Wedding She Wrote?  No.

How did you do with your Wedding budget?  
OVER budget. Going with a "DIY" venue definitely increases costs quickly. 

What do you think now about "hiring a Wedding Planner" now that your Wedding Day is complete?  
Perfect for anyone that has multiple vendors to coordinate, or just wants to stress less leading up to the big day!

What advice would you give a nearly-wed couple about planning a Wedding?  
Research everything before committing to a vendor and don't pay any deposits until you have a complete picture of what you want to achieve on your day. 

Would you refer Wedding She Wrote to your family and friends?  

    What would you tell them?  
    The team is amazing and super flexible. Gets things done quickly!

      What feelings did you experience during the planning of your Wedding?  

        If you found yourself being 'anxious' or 'stressed' - what were the major sources of anxiety or stress during your Wedding Planning?  
        Things that were out of our control - i.e. shuttle services not running to schedule and dramas with the shuttle owner.

          What did you gain by having a Wedding Planner?  
          Time - by having someone else managing the big picture it gave us time to really focus on the details of our day.

          How could we improve our service?  N/A

            How do you rate your overall experience with Wedding She Wrote?  10/10


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