About Us

At Wedding She Wrote, we're not your average team of wedding planners.

We're a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and expertise, dedicated to crafting truly extraordinary wedding experiences. Our clients entrust us with their dreams because they know we have the skills, passion, and dedication to bring them to life.

Meet our team of talented individuals, each bringing their unique expertise to the table:

🎨 Creative Director: Leading our team is a visionary creative, a daughter of the Pacific, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for beautiful design and game-changing ideas.

💍 Wedding Planning Extraordinaires: We're not just planners; we're architects of unforgettable moments, meticulously planning every detail to perfection.

📦 Logistic Managers: From intricate timelines to seamless logistics, our team ensures that your wedding day runs like clockwork.

🌸 Florists: With an eye for beauty and a love for blooms, our florists transform spaces into enchanting wonderlands.

📸 Photographers & Videographers: Capturing every moment, emotion, and detail, our talented team immortalizes your love story in stunning visuals.

🎶 Music & Video Producers: From curated playlists to cinematic masterpieces, our team creates the perfect soundtrack and visuals for your special day.

💃 Professional Dance Tutors: Want to impress on the dance floor? Our dance tutors will have you gliding with grace and style.

✈️ Travel Agents: Whether you're planning a destination wedding or a honeymoon getaway, our travel experts ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

And that's just the beginning! With our extensive network of partners and collaborators, including professional celebrants, cultural advisors, and entertainment companies, we have everything you need to bring your wedding vision to life.

Founded in 2012 and based in the Pacific capital of the world – Auckland, New Zealand – in Aotearoa (The Land of the Long White Cloud), we're proud to serve couples nationwide and internationally, across the islands and the Pacific Ocean.

Our mission is simple: to make everything around us beautiful and to create unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Let's bring your dream wedding to life! Get in touch with Wedding She Wrote today.

Creative Director

As the founder and principal wedding designer of Wedding She Wrote, I'm fueled by a passion for exquisite design, innovative technology, and revolutionizing the industry.

Teuila Benioni Bourke

wedding coordinators nz

Event Stylist

Bringing timeless elegance and tropical flair to your special day, inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands.

Teresa Latu

wedding planners nz

Travel Expert

Your ultimate guide to crafting seamless and unforgettable destination weddings.

Tasi Fepuleai

wedding planners

Technical Wizard

Our silent powerhouse with a knack for detail. A former wedding DJ turned carpenter extraordinaire, he brings magic to every event with his expert touch.

Leonale Bourke