About Us

"Stress less, Princess" 

Wedding She Wrote About Us

We are visionaries who nurture the wildest of dreams and champion exciting once-in-a-lifetime experiences for couples of the 21st century.


We’re not your average team of wedding planners. Our clients mainly consist of intensely busy professionals who simply can’t dedicate the time necessary to bring such a special event to life. Our clients depend on us to provide them with a stress-free planning process.

Our clients hire us because they want a wedding or marriage proposal that is beyond extraordinary.  With that perfect blend of cleverness and creativity, Wedding She Wrote specialises in harnessing the power of love to make your special day that much more beautiful and far less stressful.

We pride ourselves on being a small close-knit team willing to work tirelessly – from concept to conclusion – to develop your vision, design a truly unique wedding experience and deliver you unforgettable moments.  At our core, we celebrate love, joy and cultural diversity.  Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we enjoy working with couples from all over the country, the Pacific and the world.  “We are going to make everything around us beautiful – that will be our life” – WSW


The WSW Team

Teuila Benioni - Director of Business Development, Wedding She Wrote.


"As a professional within the creative industries with over eight years’ experience in event planning and coordination, my diverse skills and qualifications will make me an asset to the planning of one of the most important days of your life.

I bring important skills to the table to make sure your wedding experience is as comfortable as possible:  Honesty, good sense of humour, reliability, clear communication, leadership, ability to perform extremely well under-pressure, exceptional problem solving and management of time, great attention to detail and presentation.

I was born into a creative, cultured family who are heavily involved with the community, music, events and sports.  I am the eldest child and the only daughter in my immediate family of Samoan, Cook Island and Italian decent.  My favorite flower is the Teuila flower, Gardenia and Bougainvillea.  My favorite things to do are attend art exhibitions, musical events, dress up for the races, meet interesting people, travel, fine dining, boating and spending time with my handsome son."


Teresa Fau - Wedding & Event Planner, Wedding She Wrote


"I have the ability to communicate effectively amongst a variety of people.  I am approachable also, which allows me to provide a comfortable space where any suggestions are welcome.  These dynamics ensure a positive and successful outcome for all Wedding She Wrote customers.

Travel is one of my main hobbies.  Visiting different countries allows me to incorporate different ideas for our many requests received at Wedding She Wrote.  Adding to this, my creativity has broadened as a result of my many experiences overseas which gives our customers diversity in terms of their needs.

Lastly, I firmly believe every groom but most importantly every bride, deserves the right to relax in preparation of their special day.  This is why I promise to uphold my personal motto - "Stress less, Princess"



Tasi Fepuleai - Quality Assurance, Wedding She Wrote


"My role is Quality Assurance for all events and weddings with Wedding She Wrote. My organizational skills and sense of humor add to the calm demeanor.

I hold a diploma in Cultural Travel and Tourism which helps to give extraordinary ideas for events and weddings in the Pacific region.  I love to travel.  I also bring creativity and great communicative skills to the mix.

I have a wonderful, fun personality and always enters a project with excitement.  I am also a mother of two children, which also brings my nurturing skills to all jobs I coordinate."