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We are visionaries who nurture the wildest of dreams and champion exciting once-in-a-lifetime experiences for couples of the 21st century. 

We’re not your average team of wedding planners. Our clients mainly consist of intensely busy professionals who simply can’t dedicate the time necessary to bring such a special event to life. Our clients depend on us to provide them with a stress-free planning process.

Our clients hire us because they want a wedding or marriage proposal that is beyond extraordinary.  With that perfect blend of cleverness and creativity, Wedding She Wrote specializes in harnessing the power of love to make your special day that much more beautiful and far less stressful.

We pride ourselves on being a small close-knit team willing to work tirelessly – from concept to conclusion – to develop your vision, design a truly unique wedding experience and deliver you unforgettable moments.  At our core, we celebrate love, hope, joy and cultural diversity.  Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we enjoy working with couples from all over the nation, the Pacific and the globe.

 "We are going to make everything around us beautiful – that will be our life" – W.S.W EST. 2011