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Meet Dickie and Jett an incredible gay couple

Whose wedding journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Their vision for a unique and diverse celebration led them to Wedding She Wrote, where they knew something special awaited.


Unique Wedding Locations Auckland NZPoster boys for Gay Marriage in NZ 

For Dickie and Jett, supplier diversity was an essential part of their wedding vision. Their dream was an outdoor modern barn wedding, nestled on the rolling hills of Leigh with breath-taking panoramic views of Pakiri Beach. Achieving this dream wasn't without its challenges; it took eight different site visits, across the space of three months, before the stars aligned when they discovered Vanderosa Farms on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand.

Perfect wedding venue Auckland

By the seventh visit, it seemed almost impossible, and they were close to giving up on venues in Auckland! With fingers crossed and a little prayer, that lucky venue number eight would be the spot where they said ‘I do’. We continued our search.

The team hoped for a venue that offered on-site accommodation, both ceremony and reception sites, no requirements to finish at 10:00 pm, was child-friendly, in the Auckland region, and the rare privilege of BYO (Bring Your Own) Liquor, as Jett's uncle owned a distillery, and their alcohol was a heartfelt wedding gift.

It was to be… Vanderosa Farms, was lucky venue number eight! The unique wedding location our couple was looking for!

So what is a gay wedding?

 Destination weddings NZWedding Signature Cocktails

Picture this: their wedding day was a beautiful testament to love and unity! A heartfelt same-sex ceremony left no dry eye, and the day was infused with culture, heritage, and unconditional love. Guests enjoyed a delightful cocktail and canapé hour, featuring their signature cocktails "Nukuroa Nectar" and "The Jett Setter," inspired by Dickie and Jett's love story.

The evening overflowed with heart-warming moments, from the delightful Māori and Pacific culinary delights to the children joyfully assisting their uncles in cutting the cake. The reception was brought to life by the presence of lively Drag Queens, leaving an indelible mark on the celebration.

Cook Island Wedding GiftsCook Island Group Wedding Entertainment AucklandMaori culture under fairy lights at New Zealand wedding

The festivities began with an electrifying performance by the Cook Islands dance troupe from Aitutaki, infusing the event with the vibrant essence of their culture. Not to be missed was the enchanting Cook Islands wedding tradition, known as the O'ora, where the newlywed couple was adorned with colorful blankets and intricately crafted tīvaevae, symbolizing the celebration of their special union. It was a truly captivating sight!

Their wedding was an unforgettable journey into cultural richness, lively music, and heartfelt love, embodying the beauty of love in all its forms. This was a celebration of life, echoing with the rhythm of joy and the exuberance of the Pacific. Love is love, and their special day celebrated the diversity and uniqueness that makes weddings a celebration of individuality.


Auckland NZ Wedding Reception Head TableGay couple NZ Wedding

We’d be so lucky if all of our clients’ were as awesome as Dickie & Jett! Check out their wedding video:

Client Testimonial -

  • Please tell us your name...
    Dickie and Jett

  • How do you rate your overall experience with Wedding She Wrote?

  • How did you hear about Wedding She Wrote?
    google search

  • Was hiring a Wedding Planner a service you thought needed before working with Wedding She Wrote?

  • How did you do with your Wedding budget?
    way way over lol but that was on us, and were happy with the results, so defs value for money

  • What do you think now about "hiring a Wedding Planner" now that your Wedding Day is complete?
    an absolute must!

  • What advice would you give a nearly-wed couple about planning a Wedding?
    trust the process, don't worry about the detail, be clear about the feel and the vision for the day, create a vision that reflects you both, pre-visits are important to get an idea of how it can work on the day, go with māori and pacific vendors at every opportunity - they get it and will serve into that understanding, keep checking in with each other through out, start planning, saving and working out early lol, COVID is still here dont be disheartened if guests pull out because of it

  • Would you refer Wedding She Wrote to your family and friends?

  • What would you tell them?
    Teuila, you are an absolute boss! you brought the vision to life and did it all with zero stress, a big smile and the mastery of 10+ years experience. We felt at all times that we could relax and enjoy the day knowing everything was in your safe pair of hands. We also knew that we were culturally safe with you, both our cultures were the foundation of the day and you helped weave it all together with respect and sharp intuition - it's one of your many superpowers that would set you apart from other planners. Lastly, your team, wow wow wow, Chynna was in her creative element, your husband and your son are such gentle souls. One of our tips for future couples is to trust indigenous vendors, our people are super stars, and they deserve every cent for their care and service.

  • What feelings did you experience during the planning of your Wedding?
    fear, anxiety, pride, confusion, excited-ness, happiness

  • If you found yourself being 'anxious' or 'stressed' - what were the major sources of anxiety or stress during your Wedding Planning?
    both of our jobs makes us very detail oriented, process oriented and always having contingency plans, every day we working in this hyper-detailed hyper-organised environment, we sometimes felt that we were operating at a pace and level of detail that WSW wasn't. In those moments we were anxious. on reflection, we see that Teuila had it in hand the whole time and her experience and knowledge has no comparison

  • What did you gain by having a Wedding Planner?
    a stress-free wedding day, space and time to relax and enjoy the day and the big "why" of the day - Teuila could manage vendors and their issues that we had no energy for, we gained peace of mind

    • How could we improve our service?
      we found the volume of email correspondence difficult to track, files, attachments etc.  maybe utilise some online commnication tools like an MSTeams page or a slack channel to combat the emails?

    • Do you know anyone else who is getting married soon? If yes, what are their contact details? We would love to get in touch.
      ah nobody wants to go next after that epic wedding! lol

    Gay NZ Wedding Reception - Drag Queens, and Cook Islands culture under a canopy of fairy lights - Wedding She WroteWedding Reception Gay Couple NZDrag Queens at Gay Wedding in New Zealand

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