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Wedding She Wrote - Wedding Planner - Auckland, New Zealand & Pacific Islands


We are daughters, granddaughters, & great-granddaughters of the South Pacific, of mixed heritage living in the Pacific capital of the world – Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. We specialise in custom-built destination weddings which celebrate the unification of families coming together in marriage, creating memorable life-changing and inclusive celebrations with a focus on destination and remote weddings across New Zealand & the Pacific Islands. We derive from large Pacific families, so we understand the importance of cross-cultural and social communication and the importance of working together. 


With a strong desire to make a difference in our communities by creating unique wedding experiences, everything we do is personalised. We are committed to working meaningfully with couples, and their families to unearth the inspiration for their special day. We manifest their dreams into an on-the-day reality, by minimising the stress factor and allowing you to live in the moment, without having to worry about the mechanics of putting together a memorable and well-planned celebration. 


Founder & Creative Director, Teuila Benioni has a long association with community events from a young age through her mother who is a passionate arts professional & her grandfather, who has been an exemplary member of the Pacific community through his service to his village and family. Strengthened by her diploma in Creative Enterprise received in 2011 from MAINZ (Music Audio Institute New Zealand), these living examples have laid a strong foundation for the Wedding She Wrote founder’s approach towards creating and organising monumental life-changing events which bring together families, cultures & communities in celebration.


Co-Founder & Wedding Stylist, Teresa Fau, is inspired by the tropical landscapes of the Pacific, the oceanic views and the warmth of Pacific culture. Her design contributions are a blend of the natural environment and classic contemporary design elements which inform her contributions as part of Wedding She Wrote’ signature design style.

Travel & Tourism professional, Tasi Fepuleai is an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise when planning the logistics of destination weddings. Her contribution and guidance with travel, accommodation and hospitality provides that added assurance of not leaving critical details such as this to chance and remaining in budget.


Our unique foundations provide us with a cross-cultural perspective across the social spectrum. We have a clear understanding of family and community dynamics and ensure clarity throughout the journey whilst allowing your imagination to soar as we collaborate with you to create your dream wedding experience.



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