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7 Wedding Trends That Only Really Exist Because of the Pandemic!!! #5 is our fave!

3 min read

Regardless of the L (the lesson, not loss) there's one thing that's for certain... Love is not canceled!!!  

The overview: It sucks. Big time.  BUT there are some Positives too!!! There's a silver lining to everything, right?  Sometimes you just have to dig deeper in times like this!  People are still getting married.  In different and creative, definitely cheaper ways we hadn't thought of since before they put the social  in "distancing" Lol.

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Stress less, Princess—How to take care of your wedding dress! Before, during, and after your wedding day!

8 min read

A wedding dress is likely to be the most sentimental purchase a woman will make in her lifetime—if not one of them.
These gowns are regarded as heirlooms, regardless of the financial investment; and if you're considering passing it down one day for a future generation to wear as-is or utilize elements of, it should be preserved as a keepsake.

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6 Reasons White & Green-Themed Weddings, Will Never Go Out Of Style!

4 min read

Discovering and exploring unique wedding locations for nearly-wed couples across Aotearoa New Zealand & the Pacific Islands is one of our favourite things to do. It helps us help you better as wedding planners, and event stylists, when we have a clearer scope of the project by visiting the proposed site.
There's no wonder we believe white and green-themed weddings will never go out of style. On the daily, we are constantly blessed to be submerged within inspiring hues of green, white and blue… And it never gets old.

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Forget About Wedding Planning... Elope!

2 min read

There’s just something special about an elopement. Just two people. Together against the world. It’s a really sweet sight to see as a wedding planner. It's less about the wedding decorations and more about the feeling and meaning behind your special day.

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A Samoan Wedding | Getting Married in Beautiful Samoa

5 min read

We love the beautiful islands of Samoa. The perfect destination for an island wedding! But having a destination wedding can have its difficulties... Find out how England-based, Manu Samoa Rugby Player, Alapati Leiua, and his Bride Carmel Wilson, celebrated their marriage in Samoa.

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Unique Wedding Locations: Samoa Wedding

8 min read

The Sheraton in Samoa invited Wedding Specialists from all over New Zealand to experience an exclusive Samoan wedding famil. They were wonderful hosts, perfect for any marriage in Samoa. We were funnily the only New Zealand wedding planner and designer in attendance, amongst wedding travel agents.

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