Wedding Dress Measuring Guide

How to Measure Yourself for a Perfect Fit 🤗

If you are unable to get measured professionally in-person for your wedding dress or bridal gown... Please follow these guidelines and use the infographic below along with a soft measuring tape: If you have any issues, send us a message or give us a call.

  1. Get Assistance:
    Always have someone else help you with the measurements, and be sure to measure in centimetres for accuracy, (cm)
  2. Keep it Snug:
    Ensure the measuring tape is snug against your body but not too tight, as this will provide the most accurate measurements.
  3. Wear Proper Attire:
    Measure under your clothes but over your undergarments to ensure an accurate fit.

  4. Double-Check:
    Verify each body measurement and write them down for reference to ensure accuracy.

  5. Consider Shoe Height:
    If you plan to wear high heels on your big day, please include your proposed shoe height with your order. This information can make a significant difference in the fit of your dress and may prevent the need for costly alterations.

  6. Include Measurement Details:
    When placing your order with us via, please include all relevant measurement details to ensure your dress is tailored perfectly to your specifications.

How to measure yourself for the perfect fit | Wedding Dress & Bridal Gown