Wedding Dress Rental New Zealand: How to Book!

How to Book 101: Wedding dresses you would love to wear for a stunning and sustainable New Zealand wedding!


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The Tea


Proudly Pacific Aotearoa-owned, South Auckland-raised, and having just returned from a business trip in Guangzhou, China, we had always wanted to design and create a stunning bridal gown collection to add to our repertoire. So we did! ✨

Our exclusive world-premier in Auckland, New Zealand, was a sold-out and exciting bridal fashion showcase. A first of its kind in this space—interactive, engaging, bold, and of course, beautiful. Inspiring the new generation of future-brides to be the change they wish to see in the world. #PolyExcellence

Fast-forward to now, COVID and all.. We are pretty stoked we too can contribute to sustainable fashion and circular style within the wedding and bridal industry.



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