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You know the euphoric, exciting feeling flowing through your heart and soul now that you’ve found your forever love?! Now that you’re both ready to start the next chapter of your lives together? Yes, that. <3  We believe that the key to planning a successful, once-in-a-lifetime event, your wedding day, is harnessing and holding on to THAT feeling for as long as you can whilst planning for your big (or small) day!


It’s true, not everyone needs a wedding planner... But one-in-six women need the help of a professional wedding planner, and they often don’t realize this until it’s too late. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong is going wrongand all the additional stress leaves them without the clear mind necessary to fix the problems.


Sadly, more often than not, as a result, the bride in question, tends to quit while she’s ahead, and settles for less. Some say, if you don't plan, you plan to fail.  In fact, some brides/couples end up spending way more than they originally budgeted for, just to fix things that went wrong along the way, while they're stressing out themselves, their friends, family and their beloved. It’s not only the bride who benefits from the help of a professional wedding planner!



One-in-four men said making arrangements for their big day was the most stressful thing they have done.



The guys feel it too. Almost one-in-four men happily confessed that making arrangements for their big day was the most stressful thing they have ever done. And it doesn’t have to be that way. :)


“Marriage and divorce are both far less common than they were 25 years ago, but married couples are staying together for longer," Stats NZ.  For us, this means couples are taking marriage much more seriously–and for one-in-four men, and one-in-six womenit can be a really stressful event!  Especially, when between the both of them, they've not planned or produced many events in their lifetime of this calibre or importance. ':)


The wonderful thing about hiring a professional wedding designer and planner (that’s us!) is that you can relax and enjoy the build-up to your special day, including the event itself, knowing that you are going to receive a wedding experience that supersedes your wildest dreams–all without the added stress!  You owe it to yourself to invest in people who are invested in you. After all, you only get married once, right?

Wedding She Wrote - Wedding Design & Planning - New Zealand & Pacific Islands



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