May 30, 2021 2 min read

There’s just something special about an elopement


Just two people. Together against the world. It’s a really sweet sight to see as a wedding planner. It's less about the wedding decorations and more about the feeling and meaning behind your special day.


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By law, in New Zealand, you need to have an official celebrant and two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate. And since this is one of those moments where “you had to be there” we highly recommend you invest in contracting a wedding videographer and photographer too! You won’t regret it, they’ll capture memories for you that will last forever.

Ok, back to how special an elopement can be… They’re sweet and intimate. Your vows are now more important than ever as you fill the room with positive affirmation and surround yourselves with powerful words of love. You have to experience one to see the other side of weddings. They’re poetic and we think they’re super romantic.

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We were lucky enough to work with a lovely couple based in the United Kingdom. Trevor and Sunita traveled to our side of the world to one afternoon to seal the deal. They had a very cute elopement that took place in Auckland, New Zealand.

All they needed to bring was their wedding rings and their vows to each other - we took care of the rest


Sunita had designed her own wedding dress! We loved that she just "owned it!" It was refreshing to see a unique style and design, it was perfect for her.


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We organised everything else that was required for their intimate wedding!

Including their marriage certificate, official celebrant, intimate venue, hors d'oeuvres, wedding photographer, videographer, simple decoration, music, flowers, hair & makeup, and special logistics. It was an awesome few hours together!

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Teuila Benioni
Teuila Benioni

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