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New Zealand Weddings Elopement

Viola and Juo's love story is a whirlwind of cultures, passion, and boundless romance.

This dynamic couple, representing the rich heritages of Armenia and Lithuania, embarked on an adventure of a lifetime to New Zealand.

Their destination wedding, set against the backdrop of a sun-kissed beach at sunset, was an epitome of barefoot, madly-in-love magic.

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In the true spirit of elopement, their guest list was wonderfully intimate, with just two cherished attendees – Viola's dear friend living in New Zealand and her partner. The cherry on top? Viola's mother, though physically distant, joined the celebration virtually, beaming with love and joy.

The heartbeat of this unforgettable day was quality photography and cinematography, as Viola and Juo wanted to immortalize their love story for family and friends scattered across the globe. They yearned for a keepsake that could teleport their loved ones to this extraordinary moment again and again.

Elopement Weddings Wedding Planner New Zealand

But this wedding had a twist. It would be the first time they had experienced an outdoor wedding ceremony, and their excitement was infectious! The groom also had a dream, a dream of getting his radiant bride into the water on their special day. With determination and a heart full of love, he made that dream come true! They splashed in the surf, merging their love with the elements, creating an unforgettable memory.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Viola and Juo continued their incredible journey. They reveled in the post-wedding glow while savoring white chocolate-covered strawberries and bubbling champagne at Lion's Rock, Piha Beach – a moment of pure, unadulterated beauty.

Elopement Weddings Wedding Planner New ZealandElopement weddings NZ - Wedding Planner AucklandVirtual weddingsElopement weddings NZ - Wedding Planner Auckland

And then, as if scripted by destiny, the newlyweds journeyed to their Michelin star dinner reception at Sidart, nestled in the heart of Ponsonby, Auckland City. Their wedding day, a fusion of exquisite dining and breathtaking natural beauty, became a chapter in their love story that will forever make their hearts race.

At Wedding She Wrote, we are passionate about crafting dream weddings that truly reflect the unique love stories of couples like Viola and Juo. We strive to create moments that seamlessly transition into the next exciting chapters of our clients' lives. Join us in celebrating the thrill of true love, where dreams become a reality, and adventures await around every corner.

Testimonial -

"Teuila and the Wedding She Wrote team are absolutely exceptional from start to finish.

We contacted Wedding She Wrote from 12 timezones away (we're based in the UK) and despite the time difference, Teuila and the team were fantastic in organising everything with zero stresses for us. The wedding day was superb: from the decor to the photographers, to hotel, to communication, I felt taken care of & in safe hands.

I recommend them wholeheartedly & I cannot thank them enough for the unforgettable memories they helped craft, in the most important and joyful day of our lives."
Viola & Juo   


Elopement Weddings Wedding Planner New ZealandDestination weddings NZ

Are you thinking of an intimate elopement wedding?

You must watch their wedding video... So gorgeous!

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A Special Thank You - To Bishop Blake Wong-Ling, Didymos StudioK CakeSidart & Team Wedding She Wrote for the Piha Beach workout! Lol.

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