February 01, 2022 2 min read

Cute Gay Wedding Auckland NZ

Cute small gay wedding


  • Please tell us your name...
    Max Holder-Smith
  • How do you rate your overall experience with Wedding She Wrote?
  • How did you hear about Wedding She Wrote?
  • Was hiring a Wedding Planner a service you thought needed before working with Wedding She Wrote?
  • How did you do with your Wedding budget?
    Only slightly over with additional drinks & pre event meals on the day but no big deal!
  • What do you think now about "hiring a Wedding Planner" now that your Wedding Day is complete?
    Totally worth it! Takes a lot of followup and burden off
  • What advice would you give a nearly-wed couple about planning a Wedding?
    You can plan for the big stuff but not anticipate all the small stuff that might happen on the day - get an expert to either foresee it or manage it flawlessly on the day so you don't have to
  • Would you refer Wedding She Wrote to your family and friends?
  • What would you tell them?
    Teuila is an expert with great service, ideas and talent
  • What feelings did you experience during the planning of your Wedding?
    Excitement & anticipation, tbh that fizzled out after all the reschedules but came back closer to the time when it became real
  • If you found yourself being 'anxious' or 'stressed' - what were the major sources of anxiety or stress during your Wedding Planning?
    Not hearing back from vendors. Also the cake vendor called 3 days before to withdraw from the job, obviously I didn't let that happen but was major stress
  • What did you gain by having a Wedding Planner?
    Peace of mind
  • Your Testimonial...
    Teuila made the day flawless and let us just have a good time. Nothing could frazzle her - she is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and ideas

Gay wedding NZ 

Teuila Benioni
Teuila Benioni

Founder & Creative Director

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