May 30, 2021 2 min read

"Our wedding was perfect! I would recommend Wedding She Wrote to everyone!" 

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Final words from the Bride & Groom: 

"We honestly couldn’t have done it without the team at Wedding She Wrote. Our wedding was perfect. The setting was a forest wedding in the Waitakere Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand. I had always envisioned my wedding to be in the “woods” because it’s private and peaceful.

Thank you, team, for doing almost everything for my husband and I! When we were in the process of planning our wedding, we had all the fun and simple tasks as a couple. While Wedding She Wrote organized and managed the difficult, annoying and technical ones for us. It was a great partnership. I am very happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone trying to plan their dream wedding. They were professional, easy to work with and they most certainly got the job done.

They designed and styled everything from how the bridal party looked, our flowers, how the ceremony was styled and how it flowed, the reception and all the in-betweens, to the photographer and how we wanted our pictures to look. Their team were always paying special attention to detail throughout the whole process and especially on the day of our wedding. We are so grateful. It is such a special feeling getting married, it was truly a joyous occasion for us. They were perfectionists.

Your team helped us enjoy our once-in-a-lifetime experience for so much longer than we anticipated, and all because you removed the stress out of the equation when we were planning our wedding. People should hire a wedding planner more often! Our guests had said, it was “the best wedding they had ever been to." I would recommend Wedding She Wrote to everyone. God Bless you, ladies!"


Teuila Benioni
Teuila Benioni

Founder & Creative Director

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