Wedding Dress Size Chart


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It’s important to know that different bridal brands and wedding dress designers size their dresses differently. We all work on different charts, with different models, and in different places, making it impossible to compare one brand’s creations to another. 

Wedding dress size charts often do not follow the typical measurements of ready-to-wear clothing sizes, so don’t be alarmed if you measure a size different to your usual dress size.

What do we recommend?  Choose made-to-measure!
See our Wedding Dress Measuring Guide for more information



Your wedding is your day to revel in the spotlight—all eyes will be on you. So naturally, this defining moment deserves a dress worthy of the occasion! Forget standard sizing, your wedding dress will only have the desired effect if it fits properly.  Save the hassle of ordering a standard size only to get many alterations for it to fit better.  Instead, choose made-to-measure, and (hopefully) cut out any alterations all together—saving you time & money 🔥


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Sizing Chart