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New Zealand Wedding Planner, Orua Beach House

As a New Zealand Wedding Planner, this is a perfect snapshot of what some of my days typically look like!

Discovering and exploring unique wedding locations for nearly-wed couples across Aotearoa New Zealand & the Pacific Islands is one of our favourite things to do. It helps us help you better as wedding planners, and event stylists, when we have a clearer scope of the project by visiting the proposed site.

There's no wonder we believe white and green-themed weddings will never go out of style. On the daily, we are constantly blessed to be submerged within inspiring hues of green, white and blue… And it never gets old.


Wedding Planner Pacific Islands - www.weddingshewrote.co.nzFineone Hakupu-Atua, Niue 

Here are Six Reasons White & Green-Themed Weddings Will Never Go Out Of Style" by Wedding She Wrote


01. White & Green Floral Arrangements Always Look Great

02. White & Green-Themed Weddings Are Elegant & Sophisticated

03. White & Green-Themed Weddings Can Be More Affordable Than Other Themes

04. White & Green Is A Very Versatile Wedding Theme

05. It's A Sure Way To Go For An Effortless Look

06. White & Green-Themed Weddings Are Timeless


01. White & Green Floral Arrangements Always Look Great

Wedding Floral Styling - www.weddingshewrote.co.nzOutdoor Garden Wedding, Wedding Styling - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz

The bride was coming down the stairs from their room, so we opted for smokeless candles as a naked flame was a hazard on the stairway. Safety first. We chose white hydrangeas because they're big blooms that fill space with ease. We are dripping with floral finesse in the bathroom, the living rooms, dining room, and a garden party at the back of the house. Auckland, New Zealand.

White and green-themed wedding flowers are affordable and classy in any setting. The green and white, naturally compliments wooden elements with ease. A fresh and clean look, suitable for the home, a garden party style wedding, a rustic style wedding, a tropical style wedding, the works! You can go full on with your florals, or you can style with subtle charm, whatever works best for you and your wedding dreams.


02. White & Green-Themed Weddings Are Elegant & Sophisticated

Church Wedding, Wedding Planner Samoa - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz
Wedding Planner Samoa - www.weddingshewrote.co.nzWedding Styling, Event Stylist, Wedding Planner Samoa - www.weddingshewrote.co.nzWedding Planner Samoa - Real Wedding - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz    

A white and green-themed wedding is naturally elegant, and refreshing. With bright whites and fresh greenery, achieving a wedding with a tropical vibe is simple. To personalise, add the allure of deep rich colour like navy blue with accents of gold and touch of candle light, to take your dreamy white and green-themed wedding to the next level.

The simplicity of crisp white linen, greenery garlands with fragrant gardenia flowers bring sophistication to the table, matching well with your fresh and new beginnings as a newly-wed couple!


03. White & Green-Themed Weddings Are More Affordable Than Other Themes

Elopement New Zealand - Auckland Wedding Planner - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz
Elopement Wedding - New Zealand Wedding Planner - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz  

Even if you're on a tight budget with little room for elaborate decorations, this wedding colour scheme will serve you well! Greenery simply pops against any shade of white or wooden elements. Add some candles for some romance, rose petals for finesse, and ta-da… A beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony setting, on a budget.

Meaningfully selecting your greenery can make all the difference too. Ivy, being an evergreen plant, represents eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship. The ivy plant is also a strong plant which can grow in the hardest environment. Another association of Ivy as an evergreen, is perennial life and immortality. How romantic!


 04. White & Green Is A Very Versatile Wedding Theme

Flower Wall - Bridesmaids Flower Crown - www.weddingshewrote.co.nzDark Green Grooms Suit - www.weddingshewrote.co.nzWhite & Green Wedding Inspiration - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz 

With a white and green-themed wedding, there's no need to panic trying to match ridiculous, hard-to-find colours, during your wedding planning. Green hues are in abundance & white matches well with almost every other colour! (You might want to stay away from white, green & red though, unless you're planning on a Christmas wedding)

We love this theme with deep rich colours, like navy blue! Yet it pairs nicely with light pastel colours such as powder pink equally well. With white and green as your wedding theme, it shouldn't give you many if any problems as it is so versatile that it can be matched to all styles, personalities and budgets too!


05. It's a sure way to go for the effortless look!

Wedding Planner Auckland - Wedding Stylist - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz
Bridesmaid Dresses - Wedding Cake - Wedding Flowers - www.weddingshewrote.co.nz

Have you ever seen a wedding and thought to yourself, "Wow, that looks so perfect and effortless!" Well, it’s easy to achieve this result with a white and green-themed wedding as this colour way oozes sophistication. Just like nature and natural beauty, you don't have to try very hard at all with this theme; all you need to do is accentuatewith these coloursand you will get the effortless vibe that you're looking for!


06. White & Green-Themed Weddings Are Timeless

best destination weddings

You'll be relieved looking back on your beautiful wedding day to see that your white and green-themed wedding is still in style, and stood the test of time. One of our all-time favourite colour ways, that will never go out of fashion!

What other wedding themes do you think will never go out of style?
Leave a comment below, or share this with a nearly-wed couple who might need help with their wedding theme. :) Thank you for reading!


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