November 01, 2023 2 min read

Step into the Unexpected with Our Radio NZ Expert Feature!

Click to listen to the Radio NZ interview: Wedding She Wrote is in the House!


Radio NZ Expert Feature: Wedding She Wrote


Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a hilarious mix-up? Well, we certainly have! 🙈

Here's the scene: Feeling like I was running late, I prepared for the interview with full makeup, perfectly straightened hair, and my go-to outfit – a timeless black jumpsuit with pockets. Lol. I even dared to wear heels! En route to Auckland CBD, picking up our intern, all the while convinced it was a video interview. But surprise, it turned out to be a journey through the world of radio! Radio waves only!

With makeup and all, I soon realized I had to stay camera-ready for the radio hosts' wedding planning questions. I was nervous, and whether it was to be video or radio video, I tried my best. 🙈  Going live with no retakes can be a bit stressful, but it's also a tremendous opportunity. And that's the enchantment of live radio!

A massive shoutout to Radio NZ for graciously inviting us to share our insights on their airwaves. And here's a friendly tip: when you click the link, you'll come across a photo that, well, wasn't captured by us! 😜

Dear Journalists, we understand the allure of stock-free photos, but not every wedding snapshot gets our seal of approval. Hehe. 😆📸 #WeddingFashionCrimes


The Lessons

  1. Get a better brief  😆
  2. Send a selection of photos to the radio station for them to use  😆
  3. Join Toastmasters or something  😆

Advice to the happy couple cards - Always better together

Thank you for reading! If you found any of this interesting, feel free to check out our other blog article on the best way to start planning your wedding!

Teuila Benioni
Teuila Benioni

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