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Your wedding day is a celebration of love, a union of two souls, and a momentous occasion that deserves to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Wedding dessert ideas! Honeycomb.

Your wedding isn't just an event; it's a beautiful tapestry of love, traditions, and meaningful moments. As you embark on this incredible journey together, why not weave in the symbolism of honey and bees? Beyond their exquisite flavors and natural charm, honey and its dedicated pollinators, the bees, carry a profound message of sweetness, collaboration, and lasting love...

Imagine toasting with your loved ones, the delicate bubbles of Wai Mānuka dancing in your glasses, a nod to the harmony of your partnership. It's a taste of New Zealand in every sip, a gesture that connects your guests to the culture and beauty of this extraordinary land.

Welcome to Aotearoa!

Unique wedding locations, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
Newlyweds on beach

Change is in the Air

In an era of mindful choices, providing an elegant alcohol-free option like Wai Mānuka showcases your consideration for your guests' well-being, ensuring everyone can join in the celebration without worry.

Cheers big earsWai Manuka - Perfect for celebrations.pngNZ weddings - Auckland weddingsWai Manuka - Perfect for weddings

Important celebrations like weddings are magical moments that become memories. It isn’t uncommon that the revelry associated with celebration includes champagne…. and lots of it!

For decades, the tradition of celebrating with champagne has created excitement, exclusivity, and celebrated unions all over the world, with a lot of fun (and extraordinary dance moves)!  However, wedding days can last many hours and if paired with hot weather, using bubbly to hydrate isn’t the wisest choice, and water and soft drinks lack that ‘special’ feeling.


Wai Manuka - Weddings

Wai Mānuka provides the perfect collaboration to bridge that gap and ensure that your special day isn’t overshadowed by a distant uncle telling inappropriate jokes and drunken masters who look like they’ve been wrecked at the races.

Crafted by infusing - Mānuka Honey with a touch of lemon juice and sparkling water!

Wai Mānuka provides a refreshing and revitalising non-alcoholic beverage to be enjoyed on any occasion.

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Honeybee with flower at sunset

Wai Mānuka is a premium, New Zealand beverage that captures the distinct and vibrant flavour of Aotearoa in a bottle whilst connecting people to our story, culture and country. It is NZ in a bottle! On its own or as part of a delicious signature cocktail, it’s a great option for guests of all ages.

With a trend towards the reduction of alcohol consumption, the provision of elegant alcohol-free options will also make your guests feel special and considered when making those all-important toasts. 

Providing the premium beverage experience with none of the hangover is a gift your guests will be grateful for and of course, you will enjoy the health kick of manuka honey as you embark on your honeymoon adventure together!

Health is Wealth


Beach wedding in New Zealand
Newlywed couple celebrating their wedding with two of their friends!

The Symbolism of Bees and Honey

By including Wai Mānuka in your celebration, you're not only choosing a premium New Zealand beverage but also a symbol of unity and uniqueness that will set your wedding apart! As an official beverage of NZ Fashion Week 2023, Wai Mānuka embodies the spirit of New Zealand, making it a perfect fit for your New Zealand wedding or special occasion.

So, let the sweet symbolism of honey and the delightful sparkle of Wai Mānuka be a part of your special day. Your guests will savour the moment, and you'll create memories that buzz with love. Make your wedding truly unforgettable with Wai Mānuka – the taste of New Zealand, the flavour of love. 

Team Wedding She Wrote.

P.S. Comment your city and country below if you have a honey, and are going to use the sweet symbolism of honey inspire your wedding planning. Hehe. Also, if you checked out that wrecked to the races backlink I included up^^ there? LOL. Yeah, you do not want that type of behaviour at your wedding! :P  Teuila x

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