January 18, 2024 2 min read

Thinking of hiring Wedding She Wrote for your big day? Well, think again! 🤪

We're here to reveal the top three reasons why you absolutely shouldn't choose us as your wedding planning and design accomplices. Brace yourselves for a bit of a giggle as we turn the tables and explore the hilarious downsides of having a wedding so spectacular, your friends and family will be green with envy. 

1. Wedding Envy Overload: Sorry, Your Loved Ones Can't Compete 😂

Picture this: a wedding so fabulous, so jaw-droppingly amazing that your friends and family won't be able to top it. Can you handle being the undisputed champion of the "Best Wedding Ever" title? From envy-laden glares to passive-aggressive compliments, get ready for the spotlight because Wedding She Wrote is the secret weapon that guarantees no one else will ever outdo your wedding! (Not that it's a competition!)


2. Too Relaxed to Be a Bride: Where's the Drama? 💅🏽

Who needs the stress and drama of wedding planning when you can be the most relaxed bride ever? Hiring Wedding She Wrote means relinquishing your right to frantically stress over every detail. Say goodbye to the adrenaline-fueled wedding nightmares; with us, you'll be so effortlessly relaxed that you might just exude an aura of radiant serenity, making you appear like a VIP guest enjoying the festivities from a plush lounge chair instead of the typical stressed bride navigating the chaos. Spoiler alert: chill vibes and smooth sailing ahead! 

3. Fun Overload: Because Who Needs the Boring Stuff? 💃🏽

Do you secretly wish you could just skip the tedious aspects of wedding planning and dive straight into the fun stuff? Well, with Wedding She Wrote, you won't have much to do in terms of planning. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details, leaving you with only the enjoyable tasks. Get ready to be bored by how little you have to worry about because, with us, you're only allowed to do the fun stuff! (Like writing your wedding vows and deciding what you'll wear!)


Choosing Wedding She Wrote might just be the worst decision you make - if you're not into having the most envy-inducing wedding, being the most relaxed bride ever, and skipping all the boring and difficult planning details. But hey, who needs all that stress and hassle when you can have a wedding so spectacular it becomes the stuff of legends? ✨ Brace yourselves, future brides and grooms, because Wedding She Wrote is here to make your wedding day unforgettable, whether you like it or...  LOVE IT! 🥰  With core memories to last a life time! 😍 We absolutely love this for you. This is your year best year yet.

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