May 30, 2021 3 min read

"We gave her ideas of what we wanted and she exceeded our expectations. She created and brought to life our vision and more. She was very professional and easy to work with. Always available no matter the time of day."

wedding coordinators


Q: Was hiring a Wedding Planner a service you thought needed before working with Wedding She Wrote?

A: No.


Q: How did you do with your Wedding budget?

A: Definitely over.


Q: What do you think now about "hiring a Wedding Planner" now that your Wedding Day is complete?

A: It’s a necessity! Couldn’t have done it without them.


Q: What advice would you give a nearly-wed couple about planning a Wedding?

A: It’s to be the biggest day of your life so far. So leave it to the professionals, it’s worth every cent. You’ll never get this day back again, so enjoy it and let the professionals worry about the finer details and making sure everything happens when it should.


Q: Would you refer Wedding She Wrote to your family and friends?

A: Yes 


Q: What would you tell them?

A: Leave all the stress to the planners and you focus on having the best day of your life.  


Q: What feelings did you experience during the planning of your Wedding?

A: We felt safe. We were always making the final decisions but at the same time, we trusted our planners and knew they always had our best interest. 


Q: If you found yourself being 'anxious' or 'stressed' - what were the major sources of anxiety or stress during your Wedding Planning?

A: The guest list. It’s something the wedding planner can't really do for us because they're our guests and it’s hard when people are constantly changing their minds or when they can’t come but someone else wants to attend instead... It can be a hassle, to say the least.


Q: What did you gain by having a Wedding Planner?

A: Time. Because we didn’t have to worry about all the finer details and logistics we had time to enjoy a destination wedding with our friends and family and show them around.


Q: How could we improve our service?

A: Nothing that I can think of.


Q: How do you rate your overall experience with Wedding She Wrote?

A: 5 stars!


Final words from the Bride & Groom:

"Wedding planners are something you see in movies, but I can assure you they’re a necessity. We haven’t been to many weddings so it was all quite new to us.

We originally tried planning it ourselves but as time went on we were too far behind and the stress levels were building. So it was time to call on the professionals. I found Wedding She Wrote on Twitter as they were featured in a Magazine, I had read!

From there I briefed Teuila on how I was contemplating postponing the wedding and give her a rundown on what I had done so far and was pretty much hoping for a miracle as we were only a few months shy of our wedding date.

We gave her ideas of what we wanted and she exceeded our expectations. She created and brought to life our vision and more. She was very professional and easy to work with. Always available no matter the time of day.

We can honestly say we couldn’t have had this day without her and her team. From the get-go, she was very thorough and made sure everyone was on the same page. She kept us in the loop about everything and we always had the final say. She took a whole heap of stress off us, it’s probably why we were able to enjoy the day so much.

Thank you Teuila and Teresa, you guys have been such a blessing to us. You two have made the biggest day of our lives, the best day ever!"


Teuila Benioni
Teuila Benioni

Founder & Creative Director

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